Have a HOPE-Y New Year

Now that the ghost of Christmas has passed, many people are now turning their attention to the New Year. January 1st has become the unofficial end of the holiday season. While it represents an ending, it also stands as a doorway to a new beginning. People around the world choose the dawning of a new year as the optimum opportunity to make changes in their lives. All of the excessive eating during the Christmas season gives way to resolutions that involve losing weight and exercising. The overspending on Christmas gifts makes many people resolve to spend less, save more, and get on a budget. All of these goals and resolutions have one thing in common – they are rooted in hope.

A New Year represents a new hope, and if we are to be successful in the New Year, we must find a way to hold on to our hope. Hope is the expectation of good. It is that thing inside of us that pushes us to keep pursuing even when things around us seem bleak. Hope helps us to hold on when we feel like letting go. This New Year, I want to encourage you to hold on to your rope of hope! Hope is the rope that anchors you during times of storm. Hope tethers you to your goals, dreams and aspirations. It ties you to your promise. You can afford to leave some things in 2016, but you cannot forget to pack your hope!

It has become tradition to greet people in the early days of January with “Happy New Year”. While I certainly want you to be happy in 2017, I am convinced that our happiness is directly related to our “hopeyness”. In fact, hope is what helps us to stay happy. While happiness is based on the external; hope is built on the eternal. In the words of the famous hymn, “our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.” When we hold on to the eternal hope, we will not succumb to the momentary fluctuations of happiness.

Hope brings stability. It keeps us focused and moving forward. When we have hope, we are convinced that somehow, some way, things will work together for our good. With that expectation in mind, we are not deterred by the momentary distractions. We keep pressing on the upward way. That is the call and charge for us in 2017. I do not merely want us to have a Happy New Year, but I want you and your family to have a “HOPE-Y New Year!”

As we enter into this HOPE-Y New Year, we anticipate a new year filled with new opportunities. One such new opportunity I would invite you to take advantage of is to partner with me and Donald Hilliard Ministries. Learn more at I also encourage you to download the Donald Hilliard Ministries app from The App Store or on Google Play. Let’s join together to make 2017 the “HOPIEST” New Year we’ve ever seen!

+Donald Hilliard, Jr., D. Min