Anger into Action

By now we have all seen the video and heard the most unfortunate and tragic news about Alton Sterling. This young African-American man and father was shot and killed by a Louisiana police officer while pinned down on the ground in front of a local convenience store where he sold CDs in the parking lot. This brutal act has all been captured on video and posted online for the world to see. 

Let me just say as one that is trying to be on vacation this week, this news is startling. It comes right on the heels of reading about recent Hampton University honors graduate Kai Kitchen, who was erroneously arrested and taking into custody and charged with reckless driving after being stopped 3 times in 30 minutes, then not allowed to contact her family until after being detained for over 15 hours.

I know that our hearts ache when another person of color is summarily killed by those who are supposedly called to protect and serve, but I encourage you to transfer the anger that we have into action. Anger to Action! That is our rallying cry! It is the same righteous indignation that led our Savior to walk into the temple and “turn the tables” on the establishment.

It is the action that we must take to lead the advancement of all of God’s children. We must turn our anger into action – pray and protest. We must get out and vote, champion education and reach out to advance the cause of liberty and justice for all. We must hold our public servants and officers accountable and pursue justice, but we must remain peaceful and vigilant, walking in the good common sense and intelligence of our ancestors. Let the word go out that although people’s nerves are frayed and our psyches are challenged, we encourage peace. 

Let us also continue to remember the family of Alton Sterling and the countless others whose lives have been cut short by violence.

—Donald Hilliard, Jr.

Senior Pastor, Cathedral International

CEO and Founder, Stop the Funeral, Inc.